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Early Voting: April 19-27     Election Day: May 1

Rebecca Boxall

With over 20 years of experience as an architect using innovation to solve challenging building and design needs, I believe I have the experience and knowledge needed to help promote innovation and adaptability to further establish Arlington as a safe, secure, prosperous, and livable destination city. I'm passionate about Arlington and I'm committed to working toward the best and brightest future possible."


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Innovative development for a safe, secure, prosperous, and livable destination city!


Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Boxall was born and raised in Groves, Texas and earned a degree in Architecture from Texas Tech in 1985. Rebecca spent the first 20 years of her career as a successful small business owner in Hawaii, where she solved complex building and long range planning issues for institutions that aren’t unlike those in Arlington: requiring innovative approaches to working within limited land space and stringent building codes to create aesthetically-pleasing, environmentally-conscious, projects. Rebecca moved back to Texas in 2007, choosing Arlington as her home because it had a small-town feeling with some big town amenities.

It wasn’t long before she became involved in neighborhood organizations and city committees. Most notably, she served on Arlington’s Comprehensive Master Plan committee, which establishes long-term goals and anticipates challenges as the city develops and grows. She was appointed to Arlington’s Planning and Zoning Commission in 2019 and is the immediate past-president of the Heart of Arlington Neighborhood Association.

Throughout her life, Rebecca has maintained a commitment to service and leadership. She served as a volunteer mentor for young women at Carter Jr. High in Arlington and previously served on the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Downtown Arlington Management Corporation Board.  Rebecca  was a member of the Fort Worth Women in Architecture and the Daughters of the Texas Republic. 

Rebecca wants to represent District 5 on the City Council because she is passionate about its unique characteristics, its diverse population, and its opportunities. Rebecca describes District 5 as a rare gem that's waiting to be rediscovered. District 5 encompasses historic neighborhoods, the downtown district, a thriving university, rare urban wooded landscapes, and more. The area has undergone many changes in recent years, and more changes will come. Rebecca's experience as a long-time resident, forward-thinking architect, and member of various city planning boards will help shape the district's long-term viability and adaptability.

Rebecca is the proud mother of an adult daughter and lives with her husband, Don, in the historic Mill Creek Estates neighborhood in the heart of District 5.

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Vision for the Future


Reducing crime and increasing the overall safety and security of our residents is key to creating and maintaining a healthy, vibrant city. I support an eyes-on-the street strategy for increasing safety; and, to that end, I want to enhance the City's Crime Prevention Through Design guidelines. I support community efforts to reduce crime in our neighborhoods and establish community meeting areas by providing support and resources to our neighborhood leaders.  I will work hard to ensure our local police and firefighters have the support and resources they need and deserve.


As part of a comprehensive approach to meeting housing challenges, I support increasing diversity in housing types. Part of this strategy will include redevelopment of existing commercial sites as well as incremental approaches to redeveloping some of our older housing. This is golden opportunity to make our neighborhoods and city even better than before, paving the way for future growth and opportunity.

Economy & Infrastructure

Arlington residents have too few employment choices close to where they live. We need to encourage job creation locally, especially small business creation. Younger generations are not as accepting of long commutes in exchange for employment and are looking to settle in locations where there are employment opportunities close to where they live. Arlington can and should be the place where we can live, work, start careers and businesses, and most importantly, call home. It should always be our goal to make Arlington as accessible as we can to attract new businesses and residents. A city that moves safely and smoothly is a powerful incentive for future prospective businesses.



Arlington Professional Firefighters Association

Arlington Police Association

Arlington Board of Realtors

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Ryan Dodson

Kevin Eden

Shelly Goetz
Floreen Henry

Dixon Holman

Christian Jimenez

Bita Khorrami

Kevin Khorrami

Elaine McConnell

Alan Naul

Bryan Perry

Ron Sturgeon

Richard Thomas


"I, without any reservation, give my highest endorsement to Rebecca Boxall who will give to the citizens of Arlington and District 5 the type of servant leadership needed today. Her service on the Planning and Zoning Commission and her past leadership of the Heart of Arlington Neighborhood Association, give her the experience to continue the work needed to continue to improve the quality of life for our neighborhoods and our City."

- The Honorable Ignacio Nunez

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